Where is the Cheapest Place to Live in the US?

Are you looking for the most affordable place to live in the United States? Look no further than Mississippi, which has been ranked as the state with the lowest cost of living. With an index of 83.3, expenditures are almost 17% lower than the national average. Inflation is a global phenomenon that affects almost everything we buy, and bargain-hunting has become a national hobby. The latest consumer price index for June was even higher than expected, at 9.1%.

In Manhattan, Kansas, you can buy a steak steak at the supermarket for 25% less than in Manhattan, New York. Your house will cost approximately one-sixth more in the Midwest of Manhattan than on the famous East Island. Buying a home or renting an apartment in Meridian, Mississippi, will cost you about half what it would cost in Bozeman, Montana. A doctor's visit costs about half what it would cost in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Do you want pizza? A New York-style cake will cost you 25% less than in Rochester, New York, here in the cheapest state in the United States to live in. So what factors affect the most affordable states to live in? Arkansas ranks third with a total cost of living of $87.8 and offers low housing, health care and transportation costs. Wal-Mart, Tyson Foods and Baptist Health are the top employers here. Tennessee has affordable housing with an index of 82.6, one of the lowest in the country.

The state economy is based on agriculture and trade, and it helps that transportation costs are so low. New Mexico is also known as the Land of Enchantment and is the third most affordable place to live, with an overall cost-of-living index of 89.6.Mississippi is consistently ranked as one of the worst states to live in due to economic problems. However, if you move to Tennessee you will enjoy the lack of state income taxes as well as low grocery costs. Oklahoma is the second cheapest state to live in according to the U. S. Department of State, with an overall cost-of-living index of 86.8.Since Americans spend 34.9% of their budget on housing, the lowest living costs are found in states with the lowest housing costs - mainly located in the southern and central parts of the country.

Oklahoma house prices are 25% cheaper than the national average. Mississippi once again tops CNBC's list with the lowest cost of living thanks to reasonable housing and food costs. Other states with low living costs include Kansas (86.8), Oklahoma (87.2), Arkansas (88.1), Missouri (89.1), Alabama (89.2), New Mexico (89.3), Georgia (89.7), Tennessee (89.7) and Indiana (89.9). Iowa has the eighth lowest cost of living in the United States. New Mexico may be cheap to live in but it ranks 44th in quality of life and 45th in its education system according to CNBC's rankings. Kansas has a poverty rate slightly lower than the national average and one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country - making it a great place for those looking to reduce their budget and retire early.

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