What is the Richest Part of Indiana?

Carmel is one of the most affluent cities in Indiana, boasting an average household income of over $112,765. This is largely due to its strategic location near Indianapolis and Danville, as well as its proximity to two major interstates (I-465 and I-70). Avon has seen explosive population growth, rising from around 9,000 residents to more than 17,453 (2011). Margaret Health, a hospital located near Dyer, also employs an additional 800 workers. Munster is situated in Lake County and has a population of 22,689 (201).

Bargersville is another one of the wealthiest cities in Indiana, with a population of less than 7,085 (201). It's not only the high median income that places Bargersville on this list, but it also has a poverty rate of only 9.8% and a very low unemployment rate. John is one of the smallest towns in Indiana with a population of just under 16,000. It's located just west of Crown Point and is less than an hour's drive from Chicago.

The town is currently undergoing a construction boom with hundreds of newly built homes for sale. John is also known for its polite residents. San Juan has an impressive 40% of its population holding a bachelor's degree. An estimated 97.1% of adults in San Juan have graduated from high school, making it the highest proportion in Indiana according to the study.

The Sanctuary of the Passion of Christ is located in this small town and includes a half-mile trail and a garden with 40 bronze statues. Through scenes and recorded narratives by veteran journalist Bill Kurtis, visitors can follow Jesus' journey to Calvary. GobankingRates conducted a study to determine the richest city in each state by isolating all cities with more than 1000 households and finding the richest city in each state based on median family income. The data revealed that the most common age group for the wealthiest cities in Indiana is 25 to 44 years old, with 20% of people with the highest income belonging to this age group.

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